Be ‘Kind to City Skin’ with Simple

The grime and stress of fast-paced city living can take their toll on your skin, leaving it looking tired and feeling sensitive.

Effects of city

Woman in Simples 'Be Kind to Skin' advert

Simple’s new ‘Kind to City Skin’ campaign is highlighting the effects that environmental and lifestyle issues can have on your appearance – and help you reveal your best skin in the city.

“Your skin can come across a lot of different things each day – dirt and pollution, the weather, air-con and even a lack of sleep can take their toll,” says Lorena Venetico from the Simple Global team.

“You might find your skin reacts in different ways, with dry patches, redness and blemishes. Urban conditions can make your skin feel sensitive. ‘Kind to City Skin’ sets out to show you the effects.”

A skin wake-up call

While the skin damage in the video was created using make-up and special effects, it is grounded in insights, expertise and research, led by Simple Advisory Board member and board-certified dermatologist Dr Debra Luftman and Unilever scientists.

“In cities big and small, women know they need be proactive with their skin health, but they don’t always realise how their daily physical environment and lifestyle-driven habits can make their skin sensitive,” says Dawn Hedgepeth, Marketing Director, Simple Skincare. “We wanted to issue a wake-up call to women everywhere with a visual that dramatises the need to be kind to city skin with Simple.”

Skincare support

The Kind to City Skin initiative brings together a range of information, tools and products to help city skin thrive.

The Simple Skin Forecaster tool takes into account the city air quality and weather to help women devise a customised skincare routine using its complete range of facial skincare products that contain skin-loving ingredients, such as shea butter and added vitamins.

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