Breakthrough Clear range ends recurring dandruff

Clear has reformulated its range of shampoos to ‘dandruff-proof’ the scalp following a breakthrough in anti-dandruff technology.

A permanent solution

Clear anti-dandruff shampoo bottle

The new and improved product line promises to put an end to recurring dandruff – a condition that affects over 30% of the world’s population.

Previously, anti-dandruff solutions have focused on eliminating Malassezia, a prevalent fungus known to cause flakes. However, this solution is only temporary, with 9 out of 10 dandruff sufferers saying that their condition returns.

Defend your scalp

Research from Unilever scientists found that the scalp has a natural layer of protection that will protect it against dandruff, and this just needs to be activated.

The insight led to the development of a high-performance formula – Bio Nutrium 10 for Men and Nutrium 10 for Women – which nourishes the scalp to activate this protective layer, eliminating dandruff and preventing it from coming back.

No more returning dandruff

François Renard, House of Scalp, Global Brand VP, says: “After extensive research, newly reformulated Clear has unlocked the power of being dandruff-proof. This is truly an exciting innovation in the field of anti-dandruff technology.

“With the innovation that new Clear brings, we believe that we will be well on our way in our mission of dandruff-proofing 2 billion dandruff sufferers around the world, who have been held back by the uncertainty of returning dandruff.”

The newly reformulated product line made its debut in markets from March 2014.

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