Lipton yellow label's best ever tasting blend

The number one hot tea brand in the world, Lipton Yellow Label, is relaunching with a new blend designed to appeal to tea drinkers across the globe.

hand holding glass mug of Lipton tea

The new blend features a groundbreaking innovation in tea production. In a patented process unique to Lipton, fresh, high-quality tea leaves are pressed during production. This releases a natural tea ‘essence’ full of fresh tea flavour.

The essence is then added back to the leaves before they’re dried, and used as part of Lipton Yellow Label’s blend. The blend delivers a satisfying flavour and a light, fresh taste with reduced bitterness and astringency.

The inspiration for tea essence

The new tea essence process was developed by the Lipton Institute of Tea – Lipton’s tea research facility. A dedicated team were inspired to experiment with the concept of tea essence using the same techniques involved in cold pressing of olives to express high-quality oils.

From this inspiration came the new process now operating at the Lipton Tea Gardens in Kericho, Kenya, one of the finest tea-growing regions in the world. Only freshly picked, high-quality tea leaves are pressed as part of the new Yellow Label process.

A great taste with reduced bitterness

“Yellow Label is probably the world’s most famous tea but even icons have to move with the times and our consumers tell us they want new taste experiences from their favourite brands,” says Emilie Moinet, Global Brand Manager, Lipton Yellow Label.

“New Lipton Yellow Label is designed to be enjoyed not only by the millions of people around the world who currently drink it every day, but by a new generation of drinkers looking for a tea that can deliver a great taste, cup after cup.

Creating brands that our customers want and love is at the heart of our business and we’re hugely excited about this new use of tea essence,” Emilie adds. “Not only is it a world first, it also means we’re now able to develop products in ways that have never been seen before.”

New Lipton Yellow Label is launching around the world. Look out for the new-look yellow boxes on sale near you soon.

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