Pleasure Hunt Five Lost Kisses launches

The wait is over: Magnum’s latest Pleasure Hunt game is bigger, better and ready for Pleasure Seekers to discover the five lost Kisses.

Exciting new twists

Pleasure Hunt Five Lost Kisses launches

With new characters and a richer story, Pleasure Hunt Five Lost Kisses builds on previous episodes while also adding in an exciting twist.

This time, the beautiful, young Pleasure Seeker Princess must save the kidnapped Prince from the Bad Girls - but instead of him being her reward, she is in fact after the Magnum Kiss.

Fans can play five different games to discover a different “new Magnum Kiss” at the end of each one.  These come in five tempting limited edition flavours inspired by a French patisserie: Crème brulee, Meringue aux fruit rouges, Tiramisu, Gateau au chocolat and Tarte tatin.

New mobile version

This year’s version is also available in a breakthrough mobile format, which can directly be played on a smart phone internet browser.

It also boasts an in-game tie-up with Twitter, such as a small bird helping the Princess to deliver clues through tweets from the Prince, and with Make Up Forever, which sees the Princess using a giant mascara to fight the Bad Girls.

Alper Eroglu, Global Senior Brand Development Manager, Digital & Social Media at Magnum says: “After the successful launch of Magnum Pleasure Hunt in April 2011 and Pleasure Hunt 2 in April 2012, we saw over 23 million players worldwide interact with the game, so we have high hopes that Pleasure Hunt Five Lost Kisses will continue to entice our Pleasure Seekers!

Introducing the Magnum moodometer

Magnum is celebrating the launch of new Pink and Black ice creams, which reflect the different sides of your personality, with a new interactive experience.

The Magnum Moodometer lets your mood be the DJ, using advanced webcam technology to measure how you're feeling. The webcam measure your expressions and the movements of your hand and then gets the music and the visual graphics to respond accordingly.

Even people who don’t have access to a webcam can enjoy the game – there’s another version where an onscreen dancer reacts in real time to the movements of your computer mouse.

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