Simple advice to avoid dry & irritated skin

Teenagers suffering from problem skin may be tempted to pile on the make-up but the combination of using heavy make-up and not having a proper skincare routine can make skin problems worse, experts at Simple say.

Too much, too young

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Simple UK skincare expert Caroline Frazer says: “Applying too much make-up from as young as 12 without first using skincare products can cause sensitive skin to become dry and irritated.

“Skincare products such as face wash and cleanser help ensure that skin is clean and prevent build-up of spot-causing bacteria, while moisturisers are key for ensuring skin is hydrated and often contain a sun protection factor to protect against damaging UV rays.”

Simple has therefore launched social platform Skin Social, a one-stop shop for expert and peer-to-peer skincare advice, which also features video blogger Zoella, to help teenagers learn how to look after their skin properly.

Worries over skin imperfections

New research from Simple revealed that more than half of girls aged 12–14 wear make-up most days, with one in five refusing to leave the house without it.

Moreover, almost two-thirds of girls surveyed admitted to going to bed with make-up on at least once a week, with many too tired or simply forgetting to take it off.

Caroline adds: “The results of this research suggest that while good skin is clearly very important to young girls, they are caking on make-up to cover their imperfections which unfortunately, enters them into a vicious circle as this excessive use is actually creating more problems for themselves.

“Applying layers of make-up will only serve to block pores, create and harbour more bacteria and inevitably lead to greater skincare problems as well as confidence and self-esteem issues.”

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