The world's first toothpaste just for men

Signal has launched the world’s first toothpaste designed specifically for men, with instant whitening results and strong breath-refreshing flavours.

Tackling men's teeth

Advert showing Signal for men product range

Signal White Now Men was created in response to clinical studies which show that, on average, men’s teeth are more stained and discoloured than women’s. Men are more at risk of staining and yellowness as they are heavier users of coffee, tea, tobacco and wine.

The new toothpaste is an addition to the popular Signal White Now range and applies the latest developments in Unilever’s innovative Blue Light technology – a formulation capable of delivering instant whiteness.

Signal’s scientists added extra whitening power to the colour-based technology, which works immediately when interacting with the yellowness in teeth.

A cute smile, men's most attractive feature?

The Signal team also commissioned studies to find out how much men cared about their smiles.

“We carried out a survey in France to find out which characteristics women find most attractive in men and a cute smile came out top, with 47% of women rating it before humour, style or bank balance,” explains Brand Manager Alice Jactel.

“Some 86% of the women in our poll also said a man with white teeth was more attractive than others,” Alice adds.

A winning smile can conquer all

“Our studies also revealed men do not make the most of their smiles,” says Global Brand Manager Salwa Alireza.

“We came up with a clear answer: men are aware of the power of a charming, white smile, and they need a special help to make it shine.

“The media has always encouraged men to scowl in order to look sexy – but doesn’t inspire them to show their smiles in order to win over women. Our message is ‘a winning smile can conquer all’,” Salwa adds.

A first in France

White Now Men made its debut in France in January, and will hit further markets around the world later this year.

Signal White Now Men is available in its launch phase in two flavours: Super Pure which has been developed for smokers and is proven to remove tobacco stains, and Deep Cool, which offers long-lasting freshness and an extra-strong mint flavour.

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