Low on salt, strong on taste

Thanks to some smart new technology devised by Unilever’s own R&D experts, Knorr has come up with a new bouillon cube with less sodium that is uncompromising on flavour.

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Reducing salt in foods without compromising on flavour is a big challenge. Get it right and it can provide a valuable point of difference for our brands, and a compelling reason to buy. Get it wrong and we risk putting people off the products they used to enjoy.

New Knorr Balance, the country’s first reduced-sodium bouillon cube, offers the same taste with between 25 and 30% less sodium than Knorr’s original cubes. It was launched in Brazil in October 2014 and has been a great success.

The technology behind the taste

Previous attempts to compensate for reduced sodium in bouillon cubes have impacted the flavour, but with Knorr Balance, Unilever’s Research and Development teams came up with a winning low-sodium solution that guarantees a great taste. 

“We developed a technology for sodium reduction which doesn’t compromise on taste, balancing ingredients and seasonings to get the taste right and ensuring a satisfying end-product for consumers,” explains R&D Director, Karina Zimerfeld.

“It’s working well for Knorr in Brazil – and demonstrates the potential to apply ‘low salt–great taste’ product design widely in future,” Karina adds. 

Exceeding expectations

Consumers will not compromise on taste. It is important to reassure them on taste, as low salt has always meant lower expectations. Knorr Balance is different, providing an excellent taste to every dish.

“The claim ‘Same Knorr great taste, with 25% less sodium’ was an important indicator for consumers to expect a tasty product,” says Renata Graner, Savoury Brand Development Manager, Brazil. 

Renata adds: “The sales results speak for themselves and highlight how driving our ambitions around nutrition, and health and well-being more broadly, is translating into impressive growth for our brand.”

Informing the influencers

Some of Brazil’s key opinion formers and influencers were invited to learn more about Knorr Balance at a recent event hosted by the brand.

Knorr chefs prepared dishes for blind taste tests so guests, including health professionals, dieticians and nutritionists, could compare the original Knorr with the low-salt bouillon – and their reaction was extremely positive. 

For the first time, many said they would be willing to recommend the use of bouillon to their patients. The Brazilian Society of Hypertension has also invited Knorr to be part of a campaign to teach consumers about how to have a controlled sodium intake by using low sodium products such as Knorr Balance.

Unilever is committed to ensuring that by 2020, 75% of our foods products adhere to the daily salt limit of 5g, recommended by the World Health Organization. We are continuously working to help consumers change their habits to reduce the amount of salt in their diets and to provide great-tasting products at reduced salt levels that consumers can enjoy as part of a balanced diet.

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