Squeezing more Hellmann’s from every bottle

Hellmann’s has come up with a solution to squeeze much more mayonnaise from every bottle – and it doesn’t involve whacking it, slicing the top off, or scraping the remnants out with a spoon.

The big squeeze

Unilever’s Packaging teams worked with some of our key suppliers to develop a natural approach to help get more mayo out. It prevents mayo from sticking to the sides but, crucially, doesn’t affect the flavour.

It’s taken the average amount of leftover mayo in a tube down from 13% to just 3%. That means the amount of leftover mayo that will now make it onto plates rather than into landfill equates to 5,000 tonnes every year, making a valuable contribution to our Sustainable Living Plan commitments on waste reduction.

More mayo is better for business

Hellmann's has introduced this innovation in multiple countries including the UK, US, Canada, Portugal, the Netherlands, the Nordics, Hungary and Greece.

In the UK alone, Hellmann’s Easy-Out has seen sales soar more than 9.2% in the past year, based on the latest figures. Market share has also increased significantly this year to date.

“We are really pleased to offer consumers a real usage benefit. This innovation is an important part of our growth plan,” says Ian Busch, Global Brand Director, Dressings.

“Squeeze is a growing segment, and with our proprietary Easy-Out technology we have a clear point of difference.”

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