Hellmann's invites consumers to help cultivate its tomatoes

Hellmann’s recently opened the doors to one of its tomato farms in Latin America to bring its sustainable sourcing story to life in a first-of-its-kind interactive digital experience.

The journey from field to plate

Tomato farmer tuning an open-air radio

The Grow with Us initiative invited mums and kids to discover how Hellmann’s and Fruco ketchup is produced and how it progresses from ‘field to plate,’ and learn more about its natural, high-quality and sustainable ingredients.

It also enabled consumers to get involved in how the tomatoes are grown, explaining daily tasks on the farm and asking the farmers questions about their working life in line with Hellmann’s focus on traceability and transparency.

Ian Busch, Global Brand Director for Dressings, says: “As consumers become more interested in the origins of the products they buy and the sustainability of supply chains, this was a fun and educational way to show mums and kids that Unilever ketchup brands are made with 100% real sustainable tomatoes.”

Watching farmers go about their work

Over 15 days, consumers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia could watch what was happening on the farm from sunrise to sunset via live camera feeds. Cameras were also attached to the farmers’ hats, so consumers could see what the farmers did as they went about their work.

People voted in real time on what the farmer should do next – for example, water the plants, drive the tractor or check the manure. They could even choose which music play to the tomatoes through speakers located in the fields. The tomatoes grown through the co-created soundtrack will be made into a limited-edition ketchup range.

Ian says: “We’re very pleased with the response to Grow with Us – consumers really got involved in the daily life of our farm and learnt a lot about what we do. A follow-up survey showed that the website boosted awareness of the brand as being natural and healthy: perception about the use of sustainable tomatoes increased 24 percentage points.”

Find out more about the Grow with Us (Vamos Plantar) initiative (site in Brazilian Portuguese), also known as Cultivemos Juntos (site in Spanish).

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