Help Ben & Jerry’s to fight climate change

Join the movement to tackle climate change through Ben & Jerry’s Save our Swirled 2015 tour.

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Love ice cream but hate what climate change is doing to the planet? Ben & Jerry’s does too – and that’s why it wants you to join the fight for a 100% clean energy future through the Save our Swirled climate tour.

Join the movement for 100% clean energy

The year-long campaign, which kicked off on 18 March, aims to inspire people around the world to support the global climate movement by joining international campaigning organisation Avaaz and calling on world leaders to support the transition to 100% clean energy by 2050.

And this year, Ben & Jerry’s wants to get 500,000 ice cream fans involved in tackling climate change.

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield says: “When you join Avaaz, you become an agent of change. This issue is so important that people need to be willing to get into the streets.

“We know that voluntary corporate action won’t deliver the large-scale systems change that is required to keep warming below 2⁰ Celsius. We need leaders around the world to support policies that phase out fossil fuels and drive a rapid increase in renewables. Only a broad-based social movement will build the sustained pressure on world leaders that can deliver this decarbonised future,” he adds.

Ben & Jerry’s 100% electric Tesla scoop truck

Ben & Jerry’s itself is hitting the streets of the US in its new emissions-free Tesla retro-fitted ice cream vehicle to deliver free scoops of ice cream and encouragement for fans to join the climate movement.

While the vehicle is new, Ben & Jerry’s work to support the environment is anything but new. In 2002, Ben & Jerry’s launched a carbon offsets programme for its Vermont manufacturing facilities followed by its first global warming advocacy campaign in partnership with the Dave Matthews Band in 2007.

Jerry adds: “We know our carbon footprint, and are working throughout our operations to reduce it. We are working with our farmers to reduce methane emissions from farms, we lead the change to a cleaner, greener freezer in the United States and built the Chunkinator at our Netherlands factory which helps power the factory from ice cream by-products. We also know what we’ve done is not nearly enough and we must do more.”

Ben & Jerry’s is now planning to get to 100% clean energy at all of its US sites by 2020.

Find out more about Ben & Jerry’s work and help Avaaz deliver 3,000,000 signatures on their 100% Clean Power Petition on the eve of a historic climate summit in Paris in December 2015.

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