Knorr’s Green Food Steps to improve health and livelihoods

Knorr has launched its new social mission, taking a holistic approach to tackle malnutrition and improve the health and happiness of a billion people.

Combining Fork, Fortune and Farm, the mission focuses on unlocking flavour and goodness from everyday food through nutritious cooking behaviour change interventions and the introduction of iron-fortified Knorr cubes. It’s also providing opportunities for people to earn a sustainable income, and supporting smallholder farmers who grow the brand’s essential ingredients.

Knorr unveiled its pilot campaign in May 2015, with a programme in Nigeria which aims to improve the health of thousands of women and teenage girls by making nutritious cooking affordable, simple, and desirable.

Lady cooking with Knorr

Green Food Steps

The Green Food Steps programme seeks to reduce the prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia among young women. Anaemia affects almost every second woman of reproductive age in Nigeria, and approximately 50% of the cases are caused by a lack of iron in the body which can result in tiredness, dizziness and lack of concentration, among other symptoms.

An assessment of dietary diversity carried out in six states in Nigeria in 2010 revealed that the majority of Nigerians are not consuming enough iron-rich foods such as meat or leafy green vegetables and 55% of women in a survey carried out in Lagos Nigeria consider tiredness a part of normal life.

That’s why Knorr conceived and launched the Green Food Steps program which consists of three simple steps: toss greens into stews (popular dish in Nigeria), stir them in, and crumble the new iron fortified Knorr cube for a more nutritious dish. Three simple steps making it is easy for people to change their cooking habits without compromising on flavour, time, or cost.

Knorr’s Green Food Steps will start by getting 50,000 mothers and daughters to practice the new cooking habits in Ijebu Ode and Amaigbo, before being rolled out to the rest of Nigeria

Fork, Fortune and Farm

With the Green Food Steps programme the Fork element of Knorr’s social mission is clear – it champions nutritious cooking.

The Fortune element comes from partnerships with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Growing Business Foundation and Society for Family Health (SFH) to train women to sell nutritious products and be nutritional ambassadors. The ‘Gbemiga’ inclusive business model aims to empower women to earn an income and improve their living standards while helping reinforcing the dietary changes that can help tackle iron deficiency.

Meanwhile, the Farm element is looking at equipping local smallholder farmers who grow cassava used in Knorr stock cubes with the skills required to become part of a sustainable supply chain. Knorr is partnering with the International Fund for Agricultural Development to improve their farming skills.

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