Rama bottles the secret to perfect frying

Rama has launched a new cooking product which combines the simplicity of oil with the delicious flavour of spread.

German advert for Rama Fry Like the Pros

The brand’s ‘Braten Wie Die Profis’ or ‘Fry Like the Pros’ oil hit stores across Austria, Sweden and Germany in April, and it’s based on a trick used by professional chefs. The experts fry or roast with oil for its high heatability, but often add a touch of spread or butter for a richer taste, and to give a golden brown finish and juicy texture when cooking meat.

Rama has captured this cooking tip and bottled it to give consumers an easy way to add flavour to a variety of dishes.

An easy way to add flavour

Consumers don’t need to change the way they cook. Instead they simply add a splash of Rama Fry Like the Pros whenever they’d usually use an ordinary cooking oil, and enjoy the delicious difference. It prevents food from sticking to the pan, and the formula is fine enough to spatter less than oil during cooking.

Rama Fry Like the Pros is available in Original, Buttery or Olive Oil varieties, each adding a subtle taste of Rama, and a golden brown finish when cooking meat.

“Looking at the first consumer feedback data that has come in, we have received 20x more praise than average. We believe this product is a winner,” says Unilever’s R&D Director Spreads, Jochen Weiss.

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