Unilever develops world’s first hands-free recipe player

Say goodbye to a flour-covered smartphone

New hands-free recipe player is a world first

Unilever has created the world’s first hands-free video recipe player for smartphones and tablets, Handy, which is now being made available to cooking fans across Europe after being successfully trialled in the UK.

User friendly service, that’s mess free

If you have ever tried to follow a YouTube cooking clip on your phone or tablet, you will be familiar with the problem: how to use your precious device without smearing it with ingredients when you press pause or rewind. “We thought long and hard about the kitchen of the future and the role technology could play in solving everyday annoyances, ” says James Stone, a Foods Digital Manager with Unilever.

Handy solves the issue: you download the app, search for a recipe on YouTube, and then get stuck into your recipe of choice, controlling the clip with a wave of your hand. Because of the obvious relevance to baking – flour and iPhones don’t mix well – the app was first tested under the Flora margarine brand. But it is now being partnered with a wider range of Unilever brands as its appeal to cooks becomes apparent.

Lots more recipes to come

“Great idea – no-one wants to get floury fingers on the keyboard,” posted one user on Mumsnet, a UK internet forum, while another wrote: “So simple to use. Looking forward to more recipes.”

The app is free to download and is firmly focused on meeting cooks’ needs. “Further down the line we’ll make the recipes stored on Handy ‘shoppable’, so people can click on ingredients and buy them straight from their favourite retailer,” explains James.

See how Handy works

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