Your skin is amazing

It's an incredibly complex and miraculous creation of nature. It's our waterproof barrier. It's a defence against disease. It's constantly growing and replacing itself. It stretches, yet retains its form. And when we're hurt, it heals itself.

Respect your skin

Group of hands

"Man has never made anything better than skin as a sensor, shield or communicator" (Source: US news & world report 2005)

Our skin is amazing – all 800 million cells of it - but it's easy to take skin and its properties for granted. So just for a few moments, we would like you to consider some of its amazing characteristics:

  • Our skin is our body's largest organ; it is made up of 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, and over a thousand nerve endings
  • Our skin has the ability to renew and regenerate itself naturally every few weeks, replacing older cells with vital fresh new ones
  • Our skin has an extraordinary natural elasticity that stretches with us as we move and grow. It is soft and flexible to allow movement but tough enough to prevent breaking and tearing.
  • Our skin is our waterproof barrier. Yet it can emit water.
  • Our skin was designed with its own built-in protection from UV and environmental damage. It protects us from adverse climate and is a defence against disease.

Through our skin, we experience the world and those around us. If you consider your hands, for example, the importance of our hands extends far beyond their practical, daily usefulness: we shake hands to seal a deal, read fate in our palms, ink our fingerprint to establish identity, and hold hands to connect with loved ones. In all these things, it is our skin which plays the starring role.

Our skin is amazing – it deserves to be treated as such.

Healthy skin everyday

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was launched over 130 years ago, and the brand's aim is still very simple: to provide the knowledge, advice and products that enable everybody to enjoy great, healthy skin everyday. Nobody knows skin – and how to keep it at its healthy best – better than Vaseline.

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