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Innovate with us

If we think we can do it alone, we’re not thinking big enough! Our Ice Cream digital commerce team invite you to get involved in our innovation challenges. It’s a chance to put forward your very own bold and disruptive idea and, who knows, we may make it happen. Don’t let this opportunity melt away... join now!

Food delivery rider with ice cream sticker overlays

What is in it for you?

If your idea is shortlisted, you’ll get a chance to pitch it to our Chief Digital Commerce Officer. If you’re successful, we may take it to the next level together and you win the award for Best Disruptive Idea.

And that’s not all. The winner will also receive a year’s free ice cream delivery!

All you have to do to be in with a chance is submit your idea for any of the three challenges.

Ben & Jerrys packshot illustration

Who we are

We are the largest ice cream company in the world, delighting consumers in over 60 countries through an extensive family of brands such as Wall’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum.

Fulfilling a craving for ice cream used to require being in-store or near an ice cream van. Our digital commerce team is working to change that. Whether you’re online, in transit, in the metaverse or exploring earth’s atmosphere (we launched a Twister into orbit), we’ll find a way to deliver a treat to you anytime, anywhere.

A lady getting her ice cream delivery delivered at home
Ice cream sticker repeating pattern
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