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Aerial view of a tropical forest.

Our progress towards a deforestation-free and traceable supply chain

Unilever's deforestation-free strategy

A man and a boy in a long boat on a river.

Our progress

We are proud that 97.5% of our palm oil, paper and board, tea, soy, and cocoa order volumes were independently verified as deforestation-free by the end of 2023. We are proud of the impact we achieved, and of the change we are driving across the industry.

Aerial view of a tropical forest.

Our forest-risk commodity footprint

Discover more about Unilever's sustainable sourcing and deforestation-free practices across palm oil, paper and board, soy, tea, and cocoa.

Map of the globe highlighting palm oil plantation areas
Map of the earth highlighting paper and board commodities
Map of the globe highlighting Tea areas
Map of the earth highlighting soy areas
Map of the globe highlighting Cocoa areas


We provide a deep dive into the actions we have taken in our palm oil supply chain. This commodity has particular importance to us due to the leverage and influence we believe we have as a significant buyer. It is also right and urgent to keep tackling the sector’s sustainability issues, namely protecting tropical forests and peatlands, increasing our transparency and traceability, and respecting and advancing human rights.

An animated video featuring a rotating globe with white lines spanning and crisscrossing the globe's surface.

These white lines visually represent linkages within the supply chain depicting the flow of palm oil materials from plantations to mills, refineries and finally to Unilever factories.

There is a significant concentration of these linkages in Malaysia and Indonesia as the majority of palm oil is sourced from these countries. This video highlights the dynamic and expansive nature of Unilever's supply chain.

Monitoring deforestation

Through partnerships and technology, we monitor our supply chain to ensure it is free from deforestation. Our partners provide us with deforestation alerts, and we track these through a bespoke dashboard. We have also invested in the early detection of deforestation using radar technology partners.

The NDPE dashboard showing a snapshot of Unilever’s supply chain monitoring
An aerial view of an oil palm plantation

Going beyond our supply chain

Through partnerships, such as landscape initiatives, we can help tackle systemic issues that no one party can solve alone.

An elephant walking through a forest
Sun setting over river
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