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Our brands

are on a mission to create a better planet and society

We own purposeful brands

  • 400 + brands that are household names
  • 14 brands with sales of over €1 billion in 2022
  • 14 brands in the top 50 most chosen FMCG brands globally are ours

Five brand families, one brand ambition

Doing good sits at the heart of everything we do. So when you spot a Unilever logo whilst scrubbing, brushing, licking or sipping one of our products, you can feel proud that we are committed to creating a better world for everyone.

Beauty & Wellbeing

We believe in Positive Beauty, Healthy Lifestyles. We’re embracing a new era of beauty and wellbeing. One that’s inclusive. Equitable. Regenerative. Positive.

Brands you may know: Dove, Sunsilk and Vaseline.

€12.3 billion turnover in 2022.

Personal Care

We believe in caring for people and planet. Through our brands, we’re taking action to drive positive change.

Brands you may know: Rexona, Dove, Lifebuoy and Axe.

€13.6 billion turnover in 2022.

Home Care

Clean Home. Clean Planet. Clean Future.

We’re reimagining the future of cleaning and it starts with reinventing a century-old history of chemistry.

Brands you may know: OMO, Domestos, Cif and Comfort.

€12.4 billion turnover in 2022.

Ice Cream

Happy People, Happy Planet.

We want to create happier moments within the communities where we operate.

Brands you may know: Wall’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum.

Circa €7.9 billion turnover in 2022.

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A range of Unilever brands being used in the home.

Detailed description

A jar of Hellman's mayonnaise, a woman cooking dollops mayonnaise on top of some fajitas.

A man grabs a can of Axe deodorant before spraying himself with it.

A woman lying with her head in water smooths a Lux product onto her face followed by a close-up of the Lux product.

A woman scoops spaghetti from a Knorr pasta pot and eats it.

A woman, smiling, pumps Vaseline Moisturiser into her hand before smoothing it onto her hands and arms.

A Magnum is taken out of its packet before a shot of a man wearing a suit holds it as he walks down the street.

Close-up of an onion, then a tomato being sliced.

A singer poses on a catwalk. The same woman then washes her hair with Clear shampoo.

Two people preparing a meal using Knorr vegetable stock cubes. A woman drops food into a frying pan, plates up a bowl of healthy food and pours on some Knorr sauce.

A hand places a pocket-sized bottle of Lux hand sanitiser into their handbag.

Father lifts his young son up to a basketball hoop for him to score.

Two people mirroring each other's walk each holding a Magnum, followed by a close-up of a Billionaire magnum with the layers being poured onto the ice cream.

A woman rubbing cream into her skin.