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We make some of the best known brands in the world, and those brands are used by 2.5 billion people every day

Use this page to browse the list of all Unilever's brands, see what brands are available in your country and link to more information about any of our brands on a local Unilever website.

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AIM is a Greek toothpaste brand offering a full range of products developed by Unilever's oral care scientists to help maintain good oral health. The brand dates back over 20 years, is popular among Greek consumers and recommended by dentists.


Altis belongs to the family of ELAIS, the largest company in the olive sector in Greece. ELAIS was partner of Unilever since 1962 and member of the Unilever Group since 1976.


Altis Soft is a brand of spreads from Greece. The brand offers spreads for bread that can also be used in cooking to enhance flavours.


Amino is a Polish brand that has been producing food and drink products, including soups, sauces and coffee, since 1968.


The Amodent toothpaste brand has been available in Hungary since 1965. Its products have been designed to strengthen and preserve healthy teeth.


Founded in 1940 by Dutch stylist André de Jong, Andrélon offers products for every hair type. It is the best-selling hair-care brand in the Netherlands, with a continuous stream of innovative products.


Andy has long been a home care brand available in the Netherlands. Introduced in 1960 as the first liquid cleaner in the country, Andy has continuously updated its formulations to provide the best products. Its liquid cleaner is suitable for cleaning almost all types of surfaces around the house.


Annapurna salt was launched in early 1995 and was the first in the world to be endorsed by The International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD). When iodine deficiency was identified as a serious health issue in India and iodised salt was recommended by the government, Annapurna played a critical role by launching Annapurna iodized salt with ‘stable iodine’ patented by Unilever worldwide. Annapurna salt continues to provide the right level of iodine while remaining free-flowing salt.


Astra is a brand of nutritious spreads available in Sri Lanka in a variety of sizes.


The Baba brand was introduced in the 1920s and produces soaps, oil, cream and talcum powders designed for babies and is available in Hungary.


Baltimor is a Russian brand known for its tomato sauces that began in St Petersburg in 1995. Since its beginnings, Baltimor has been recognised for its high quality ketchup and other sauces.


Bango is a traditional Indonesian brand of soy sauce established in 1928. It is made from high-quality black soy beans and coconut sugar, together with salt and water, without any preservative or additional chemical ingredients. The black soy beans are fermented for several months and then combined with the other ingredients, which gives Bango its unique flavour.


Beseda is a brand of tea available in Russia. There are many varieties available, including classic tea bags, green mint, strawberry and jasmine.

Best Foods

Best Foods produces a range of spreads, peanut butter and pasta sauces made from quality ingredients. The brand is available in the Philippines.

Bio Luvil

Each of us has that special garment that we use often and that we would like to stay beautiful forever. We have developed Bio Luvil laundry detergents because we want your favorite clothing to remain in use for years. Our product portfolio includes both liquid and powder detergents, as well as products developed for caring of different types of textiles to achieve the best result.

Block & White

Block & White is a skin-whitening lotion and sunscreen available in the Philippines, which gives maximum protection, lasting for up to two hours, from exposure to the sun.


Bona has been a popular brand of margarine in the Netherlands since its introduction to the market in 1966. Bona was the first brand available in a plastic tub; before this, margarine was available in paper wrappers or barrels.


Fresh taste from the fields and meadows


Bovril is a British brand of beef extract which began in 1886. It has been exported to countries around the world for many years. As well as expatriates looking for a taste of home in countries like France and Spain, Bovril is extremely popular in Malaysia, Singapore and China where generations have grown up with this British drink.

Breyers Delights

Breyers Delights makes the impossible possible. The ice cream contains at least 30% less calories** and sugar* than comparable scoop ice cream, is high in protein and above all – very tasty!

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