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Beauty & Personal Care

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Our biggest Beauty & Personal Care brands

Our biggest Beauty & Personal Care brands

We have an extensive family of brands - some you’ll know, some you won’t. Here are some of our biggest and best-known.

Our Positive Beauty vision for people and planet

We believe in Positive Beauty, for people and the planet. In beauty that not only does less harm but also does more good.

Through our beauty and personal care brands, we’re taking action to drive positive change. We’re setting out to transform the systems that hold individuals back – by advocating new policies, laws and social norms that will promote inclusion, health and wellbeing for all members of society.

With more than 1 billion people using our products every day, we have an opportunity to use our scale for good. We’re embracing a new era of beauty. One that’s inclusive. Equitable. Regenerative. Positive. So that people and the planet can thrive together.

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Improving health and wellbeing

Improving health and wellbeing

Health inequalities and social exclusion have no place in the world. Find out how we’re using our brands to make a difference to our planet and the society we live in.