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We help people nurture and restore their wellbeing and inner balance

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5 Equilibra’s mission is to make wellbeing accessible to everyone, everyday, everywhere

The Italian Expert in Wellbeing and Beauty since 1987

Equilibra was founded in 1987 in Turin by an Italian entrepreneur, Franco Bianco, with the mission to make wellbeing more accessible. Since its beginnings Equilibra has been a pioneer in natural Food Supplements, becoming the market leader in Mass Channel e Modern Trade. In 2000 Equilibra launched its first Cosmetic range, followed by many successful products, becoming a first choice in natural personal care and in the broader Health and Wellbeing space. In 2006 the brands started its international expansion in Eastern Europe, Middle East and China.

School of Respect

The Association “Equilibra per il Benessere Sociale” was created for "Social Wellbeing" in all aspects: for people, the environment, culture, in order to promote the development, well-being and health of the individual and the community.

The Association “Equilibra Per il Benessere Sociale” fights against violence with a specific project: "School of Respect”. It is a psychoeducational prevention program that, developed in the school context, works on the dynamics that characterize a violent relationship, in specific areas: Family, School, Sports, Friendships, Relations.

Purpose: Create a Culture of Equality and Respect gives tools to recognize the various forms of violence and denounce them.

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Why in the schools?

The preventive intervention takes place in adolescence - stage of development - where the personality structure is not yet defined. Violence doesn’t appear suddenly, it comes from afar and arises from the inability to tolerate independence, the identity diversity of the other, setting up actions of "control" and possession to get to physical violence.

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Goals and Results

The results for the evaluation of the project investigate the Affective, Cognitive and Behavioral dimension. In the tests, at the end of the course, from the interaction with classmates, with teachers, with families, great changes emerged, detectable in the questionnaires. The growing demand, in every region of Italy, is constant and confirms the success of the Project.

5 Equilibra’s mission is to make wellbeing accessible to everyone, everyday, everywhere

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