Every Lipton supports the Rainforest Alliance

We’ve got a responsibiliTEA to ensure the growers and pickers who work tirelessly for your morning cup, afternoon brew and evening tea are well looked after. That’s why we work with the Rainforest Alliance to help support their livelihood, look after their families, and ensure that our Lipton tea estates are as sustainable as possible.

Tea tastes better when it’s responsibly sourced

Waking up with a morning cup, drinking alongside an afternoon treat, relaxing with an evening full mug—most of us love a good cup of tea. But without the hardworking growers and pickers who work tirelessly to ensure every leaf in your cup is perfect, there’d be no tea in the first place. By enjoying a cup of Lipton, you’re helping support the livelihoods of Rainforest Alliance certified farmers and ensuring our tea is 100% sustainably sourced.

Ensuring a TEA-riffic livelihood for our growers and pickers

Whether it’s spending $2.5 million annually on health care for our Kenyan workers, paying them three times the average wage for an agricultural employee or providing 20 schools for their children, your love of Lipton is helping us provide a greater quality of life for our growers and their families. And it’s not just our people we’re looking out for, it’s also the planet. Operations at our Kericho Estate run on 95% renewable energy and almost 700,000 trees have been planted on the Kericho estate.

95% of operations at our Kericho plantation are run on renewable energy

Sustainable sourcing every one of the 19 billion tea bags we produce each year

Sustainability at our tea farms has come a long way, but the journey’s not over until we can sustainably source each and every leaf in each and every one of the 19 billion tea bags we produce each year. And by continuing to wake up, warm up or wind down with Lipton, you’re helping us get there! Due to Unilever’s size we have the ability to influence the entire tea industry in positive ways—contributing to international tea pricing, the lives of over two million Kenyans employed by this trade, and to the reputation of the tea business as a whole.

Lipton's tea bag

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