Every Seda expands women’s horizons

We’re capable of amazing things, and ridiculous social barriers and gender limits shouldn’t stand in our way. When you choose Seda to wash your hair, you’re supporting programmes, like #JuntasArrasamos” (#TogetherWeRock) in Brazil, that help empower women to discover their incredible potential.

Goodbye and good riddance to societal imposed limitations

When women band together, “impossible” turns into “I’m possible”. Those barriers and limitations imposed by societal expectations and gender stereotypes – they don’t stand a chance. But in some parts of the world, fewer education and employment opportunities for women mean they can find themselves even further on the back foot, simply because of their gender. So, we’re on a mission to bring these women together, expand their horizons and show them just how much they can achieve.

#TogetherWeRock helping women and girls unleash their full potential

Every time you get your hair looking amazing with Seda, you’re also supporting workshops and innovative social platforms that build strong support networks and connections between women. For example, in Brazil we’ve partnered with non-profit Plano de Menina to create the “#JuntasArrasamos” (#TogetherWeRock) programme, which aims to help women and girls discover their true potential (while looking and feeling fabulous). This ongoing mission includes digital social platforms and face-to-face workshops to help with personal development, self-esteem and personal finance, along with profiles of inspirational role models. Because when women have each other’s backs, nothing can stop them!

Thousands of women set to unlock their awesome potential

Thousands of women set to unlock their awesome potential by 2020

Together, we can show women around the world just how much they rock. Simply by using Seda to rock your favourite look and unlock your own potential, you’re helping spread a message of limitless potential and positivity to thousands of other women across the globe.

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