Every Seventh Generation laundry uses renewable plant-based ingredients

Our actions today are going to shape the world of tomorrow. So, Seventh Generation are on a mission to ensure we leave the planet in the best possible state for the generations to come. With your support we can keep creating our laundry products from powerful and renewable plant-based ingredients and advocating for environmental and social change to help nurture the health of the next seven generations.

Products that put the health of people and planet first

We love our planet; it looks after us in all kinds of amazing ways (and puts up with a fair bit from us!). So, the least we can do is ensure we’re returning the favour by looking after it, especially when the decisions we make today will impact the generations of tomorrow.

That’s why every decision and product that Seventh Generation makes and creates takes into consideration the impact it’ll have on the wellbeing of the next seven generations. Every time you use a Seventh Generation product, you’re helping support our collective future. Because you can’t live a healthy life on a sick planet.

Positive change, sustainable solutions and eliminating nasty chemicals

Whether it’s creating our laundry products from powerful and renewable plant-based ingredients, using recycled (and recyclable) packaging, or advocating for the issues that matter to us—we’re geared towards environmental responsibility. So, by using these products, you’re helping us do good across a range of environmental issues.

From reducing our carbon footprint to increasing recyclable packaging, together we’re on a planet saving mission

We may have done a lot of good work over the last 30 years, but there’s a whole lot more to do to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. That’s where the Seventh Generation Social Mission Board comes in. This collection of business leaders is working to meet the brand’s 2025 sustainability goals and have already helped cut our carbon footprint by increasing our use of renewable energy, both during manufacturing and in our headquarters.

By choosing Seventh Generation products, you're helping to nurture the health of our planet for the next seven generations and beyond.

Seventh Generation bottles

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