Launched in 1989, the Magnum Classic was the first hand-held ice cream aimed exclusively at adults. Its winning formula combined delectable silky ice cream and fine chocolate specially formulated to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius – and it soon became a hit.

Since then, the brand has grown dramatically, selling more than a billion ice creams every year. And its range includes a wealth of irresistible flavours designed to spark curiosity and tantalise the taste buds of fans around the world.

For pure pleasure seekers

Ice creams smothered in rich white chocolate, sprinkled with sweet crushed almonds or drizzled with layers of caramel soon joined the Magnum range. And in recent years, the brand has delighted ice cream-lovers with innovative recipes, all made from premium ingredients and proudly carrying the Magnum stamp on every chocolate shell.

In 2003, consumers were enticed to embrace their wicked sides with Magnum’s Seven Deadly Sins collection – hedonistic flavours inspired by gluttony, sloth, greed, wrath, lust, envy and vanity. In 2005, the Five Senses range made its debut, with five limited-edition flavours inspired by aroma, touch, vision, sound and taste.

And in 2012, Magnum made dreams come true for chocolate lovers when it unveiled the mouth-watering Magnum Infinity – dark chocolate ice cream, swirled with chocolate sauce, swathed in thick Belgian chocolate and dipped in cocoa nibs.

Magnum Gold, vanilla ice cream laced with salted caramel in a glistening golden chocolate shell, made its debut the same year. It followed this the next year with the Five Kisses collection - a range inspired by indulgent desserts such as crème brûlée, chocolate gateaux and tiramisu. Then in 2014 Magnum celebrated its 25th anniversary with celebrations all over the world and the launch of the Magnum Silver.

Chocolate that changes lives

While it's spent a quarter-century devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, Magnum also has a clear commitment to sourcing its chocolate ethically, as part of Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan.

Magnum has pledged to source 100% of its cocoa from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms by 2015, which will help create a brighter future for farmers in West Africa.

In return for their delicious cocoa, Magnum will provide farmers with fair, sustainable incomes, training in how to respect their environment and improved access to education for their children.

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